Scattered Site Case Coordinator
Requisition Number:2018-HOU-003
Department:Housing and Homelessness Prevention
Employee Type:Regular
Hours Per Week:35

Job Responsibilities:
Responsible for managing caseloads of seventeen to eighteen families living in scattered site shelter units funded through the Department of Housing and Community Development (DHCD) by providing housing search, case management and facilities management. Conduct intake and assessments with each family that enters the shelter. Develop self-sufficiency plan with each household member 18 years of age or older. Identify permanent housing specific to each family’s individual needs and abilities, including subsidized and unsubsidized units if applicable. Work with families to access services that will assist them with moving towards their goals, developing goals specific to their children’s needs, developing budgets and other barriers that may affect the family from moving towards self-sufficiency and obtaining permanent housing. Monitor facilities for compliance to all policies of the program including property management’s lease, DHCD regulations, inspectional service, fire, and board of health. Perform other related duties as assigned from time to time.

Job Qualifications:
Minimum of a high school diploma or equivalent with one to three years of experience in human services required. Experience with intake assessment, crisis intervention regarding issues such as homelessness, mental health and substance abuse, service agencies and resources for homeless individuals and families preferred. Proven ability to work in a busy, diverse team model setting to promote the goals of the program and agency. Valid driver’s license required. Must have the ability and willingness to travel and attend meetings/appointments/interviews/appeals with families as needed. Must have excellent time management, organizational and communication skills. Bilingual skills in Spanish or Creole preferred. Must be able to work sensitively and effectively with individuals of diverse educational, socio-economic and cultural backgrounds.